The files are stored as "self-extracting executable". Your Browser will prompt you to save the file. Once it has been downloaded to your hard drive, simply "Run" the file from Windows. This will extract the .DOC or .WPD file into that directory.
When you "Run" the file from Windows, here is what will happen:

1. A DOS window will open.
2. You will see the message: "Extracting .... <file name>".
3. It will appear that the Window has stopped.
4. The file is extracted. Simply Close the Window.
5. The .WPD or .DOC file will be in the directory you downloaded to.

The file names are:

WPTECH.EXE = WordPerfect Version
File Extracted: Techrept.wpd

File Extracted: Techrept.doc

* If you are still having difficulty, please send a message to:

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This page last modified August 5, 1998